Laval University welcomes us on campus!

The first French university founded in North America, Laval University attracts 45,000 students annually and boasts a staff of over 1,1000 people. It has 17 faculties covering all areas of knowledge, making it an innovative and dynamic learning environment. Its beautiful campus features abundant greenery and gorgeous historic buildings. A true city within a city, the campus offers all the amenities: bars, cafeterias and student cafés, bike paths, an indoor stadium, a bike rental service… even a hairdresser!


The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the country’s largest philosophy centres for teaching and research. Since its founding in 1935, the faculty has trained philosophers in all areas, offering diverse and innovative programs, as well as partnerships with many universities worldwide. Since 1987, it has offered a full certificate in Philosophy for Children aimed at the entire university community.

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