NAACI 2014 Weekend Workshop Retreat

NAACI Weekend Workshop Retreat
June 27-29, 2014, Laval University
Quebec City, Canada

An ideal opportunity to spend a weekend dialoguing with fellow philosophical practitioners!
This workshop retreat is geared toward experienced philosophical facilitators and practitioners who want to deepen their understanding and use of the Community of Philosophical Inquiry (CPI) model in an informal, collaborative retreat atmosphere. During the workshop participants will engage in CPI sessions together with the help of guest master-facilitators, explore best practices for facilitation in different contexts and extend the discussions on CPI applications sparked during the NAACI conference. Participants will share living spaces and meals in the residences of Laval University, and enjoy outings in Old Quebec. The retreat is open to everyone engaged in CPI practice or projects, even if they cannot attend the NAACI conference. (Private and double occupancy rooms available.)

Please note that the NAACI weekend retreat is designed for intermediate to advanced P4C practitioners with formal training and experience. If you are interested in participating, please send a short email describing your interests and experience to the committee.

Registrati0n form

Registration before April 1, 2014: CAD $100 (Private room); CAD $80 (Double room)
Registration after April 1, 2014: CAD $120 (Private room); CAD $100 (Double room)
Costs include accommodations (with shared bathrooms), breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Friday. Dinner on Saturday is at the participant’s expense (group outing to Old Quebec).


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